COVID Guidelines

POSTED BY Marc Thomas March 12, 2021
Updated (4/09/2021)

Face Masks:

  • Face masks are required and must be worn while inside the venue at all times.
  • Face masks MUST be worn correctly, covering both the mouth and the nose. Loose masks must be replaced with appropriately sized masks. No exceptions.
  • Acceptable face masks include N95, Surgical and similar store bought and homemade variants. Bandanas and face shields are NOT acceptable substitutes. Though you may wear a face shield in conjunction with an appropriate mask if you desire.
  • A single warning will be issued to any attendee not adhering to these rules. Further offenses will have the attendee removed from the tournament.

We will only give 1 warning per person regarding this policy. The second infraction will constitute a removal from the venue and forfeit of your matches. No exceptions.

Controller Sharing and Sanitization

It is expected that everyone will have their own controller. While we do have a few controllers people can borrow, we request that you bring your own. If you must use one of ours, you must sanitize the controller before and after it’s use.

Attendance Capacity and Distancing

Attendance is limited to 30 people per event for the time being. This will allow us to maintain safe distances. All consoles are set up in a head 2 head (H2H) format. Attendees are to sit 1 to a monitor to give adequate space to their fellow attendees. Only members from a same household may sit side by side at a monitor.

Failure to Adhere

Failure to adhere to these guidelines will allow for only a single warning. A second infraction will constitute a removal from the venue and forfeit of your remaining matches. No exceptions. Furthermore, this will be counted as a violation of the code of conduct as a minor offense as listed in this document.

Current and Post Infection Quarantine

If you have any symptoms of COVID, please refrain from attending events. If you have tested positive for COVID or suspect you may have come into contact with an infected individual, follow CDC guidelines and maintain a 14 day quarantine following the exposure. For full CDC guidelines, read here: CDC Guidelines.