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Today, Minnesota Governor Tim Walz announced the lifting of the mask mandate and most other COVID precautions across Minnesota. After reviewing current COVID data pertaining to Minnesota, and Rochester specifically. We have determined that we will continue enforcing most of the COVID safety precautions that have been in place up to this point for Critical Esports events.

Attendees are to continue wearing appropriate masks as outlined by our COVID Guidelines. We will continue operating our setups in a Head to Head (H2H) format, and we expect individuals who have had recent exposures or confirmed cases of COVID to exclude themselves from events pending a negative test.

So what has changed? Our attendee cap is lifted, and we are no longer enforcing social distancing to individuals who are spectating or socializing. Players sitting at a setup are to continue practicing social distancing by sitting 1 person per monitor. This will allow individuals not comfortable with close contact the opportunity to continue practicing social distancing without affecting those who wish to group up.

Here is the relevant update in text from the COVID Guidelines document.

Attendance Capacity and Distancing

There is no longer an attendance cap at our events. We are no longer requiring 6ft of social distancing to spectators who are socializing with each other or watching a match. However, we will continue to operate our setups in a Head to Head (H2H) format so that individuals who wish to continue to maintain social distancing practices will be enabled to do so. Attendees are to sit 1 to a monitor to give adequate space to their fellow attendees.