As we return to events in just 1 short day (April 11th!). We wanted to make a few small clarifications to the pricing related to the events as there are 2 small changes.

1.) We no longer are allowing setups to be brought in by the community. Which means we will not be offering a setup discount anymore.

2.) The price for entering a tournament will remain the same as it was pre-pandemic. The total cost is $15. The breakdown of that fee is that $10 will be used to cover the costs of running the tournament, and the other $5 will go into the pot and will be distributed to the winners of that event.

3.) An amateur bracket will be run at the conclusion of pools around the time that top 8 begins. Anyone who pays the $15 venue fee and enters the tournament is eligible to participate in the amateur bracket.

The winner of the amateur bracket will receive $5 off their entry the following week. This discount is only good for the following week (or the following event should an event not be run the following week). If the winner knows they will not be in attendance the following week, they may donate the discount to anyone of their choosing. But they must tell the TO who the recipient is.

4.) Spectators will be charged a $5 spectator fee. These individuals are welcome to watch and play friendlies as much as they’d like. But they will not be eligible for the main bracket or any side events such as the amateur bracket.