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The long awaited and highly anticipated return of Med City Smash returns this Sunday, April 11th!

Don’t miss out on what is only the beginning for the return of Smash Ultimate in Rochester. This year is going to be bigger and better than ever before!

Here are some details that everyone new and returning should be aware of. Please take the time to read through the following information. It is extremely important.


When: Sunday, April 11th.
Where: NerdinOut. 1802 2nd St SW, Rochester MN
What: Smash Ultimate Singles Tournament
Registration: 11:00 am
Bracket: 12:00pm
Cost: $15
Parking: Across the street at the Full Circle Financial parking lot.
Setups: Do not bring setups
Masks: Required. Must cover both mouth and nose.
COVID Precautions: All setups are configured in a Head 2 Head format (1 player per monitor) safely distanced from each other.
Stream: Temporarily on hold. Will return soon!
Recordings: Yes, lots!
Read the rest?: Yes, you should read the rest. Please do so now.

Its Long, Read anyway.

Our first event is this Sunday, April 11th at NerdinOut. We will be running Smash Ultimate for the Nintendo Switch. Registration begins at 11:00 am, with the bracket starting 1 hour later at 12:00. The tournament will take place at NerdinOut location on 2nd street across the highway from St. Mary. When you arrive, make sure to park across the street at the full circle financial parking lot.

We are no longer allowing community provided Switches and setups. In an effort to avoid cross contamination of and damage/theft to our communities equipment, we ask that you leave your setups at home. Critical Esports is providing 8 Switches with 16 monitors, with more being added soon. Because of this, there will be no setup discounts offered for the foreseeable future. The price for the event will remain the same as it was before, $15 ($10 venue, $5 bracket)

The stream, which you have all come to love and expect, is temporarily on hold due to the logistics of live broadcasting in an open environment during the current health crisis. The stream is expected to return in just a few short months. In the mean time, we will be recording up to 6 setups offline for the duration of the tournament. Resulting in even more matches being recorded than before. What’s more, I am working with some of our commentators to provide voice over commentary for a dozen or so matches each week. It may not be live, but it’s still gonna be awesome!

We will be enforcing very strict COVID policies. First up, the mask mandate. Every attendee at our event will be required to follow the mask mandate to its fullest. Masks must be work at all times while in the venue, and must cover both the mouth and the nose. You may remove your mask while eating or drinking, but you must isolate yourself from people while taking this action. Acceptable face masks include N95, Surgical, and similar store bought and homemade variants. Bandanas and face shields are NOT acceptable substitutes. Though you may wear a face shield in conjunction with an appropriate mask if you desire. It is expected that everyone will have their own controller. While we do have a few controllers people can borrow, we request that you bring your own. If you must use one of ours, you must sanitize the controller before and after it’s use. We will only give 1 warning per person regarding this policy. The second infraction will constitute a removal from the venue and forfeit of your matches. No exceptions.

The new Ruleset, Stagelist and the Community Code of Conduct will be posted tomorrow and Saturday. Be on the lookout for these documents.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact Marc “mthx” Thomas on Discord or Facebook. We’d be happy to answer any questions you may have.