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We are proud to announce The Collective, our biggest and most ambitious esports series to date. The collective is a multi-game, multi-genre event encompassing games from a variety of genre’s including platformers, fighting games, first person shooters, sports, racing, MOBA’s, battle royale’s, and more.

Our goal with this event is to introduce Rochester to the wide variety of esports titles popular today. To this end, we will be rotating our titles each month to explore different genre’s and titles both big and large. Our first event is scheduled for August 31st 2019 and will be featuring the following titles. Smash Ultimate Singles and Doubles, Mario Kart 8, Mortal Kombat 11, Tekken 7, and Dragon Ball FighterZ.

For full details about this event including the schedule, pricing, prize payouts and more visit our event page at